Review of Yoyotta LTO Backup Software

The good

It works. It read my LTO drive immediately (after a brief restart) and once you get acquainted with the ‘clean’ interface via its built in tool tip system it does offer (mostly) drag and drop functionality.

Yoyotta’s built in tool tips go some way to explaining the basics of its minimalistic interface
Many many options for determining folder structures of typical jobs

The less good

The interface is actually not very good at all.

Yoyotta’s interface buttons are doubled up, and frequently misleading
In Yoyotta, opening a project always feels more complicated than it should be

The conclusion

Backups are supposed to make you feel safe and secure. A successful LTO backup is the rock you can stand on when facing a data emergency. With Yoyotta, that sense of security is tinged with a feeling that even today, I might actually be using it wrong. I never felt this way when just dragging and dropping onto HDD.



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