An inspired list

Mark Welker
2 min readAug 28, 2014

My five most frequent stops for daily inspiration and perspective.

Next Draft

Simply put, it’s the days most fascinating news delivered to your inbox. Curated with wit and intelligence by Dave Pell. A consistent source for inspiration for stories, and just a great way to understand more about the world we don’t read about.

Cinephilia and Beyond

The source for Directors commentaries, behind the scenes photography and video essays. A must for any enthusiast of the dark arts. It keeps the ideas flowing and doubles as your daily filmschool attendance.


You can find just about everything at BOOOOOOOM! — art, film, music, design, misc. Provides a peak into what’s trending online, before it’s trended.

The Verge

If you want to know anything about what’s happening in tech right now, and what’s coming round the corner, tune into The Verge. Together with their sister sites Vox and Polygon, these guys are reinventing the news model one category at a time.

Kill Screen Daily

Kill Screen isn’t your ordinary gamestop. Only occasionally will you spot a AAA title reviewed on site. Instead the focus is on what is pushing the industry forward, and what is dragging it down. The commentary is frequently intelligent, subversive, and will change the way you think of gaming.



Mark Welker

Mark Welker is an award winning short fiction writer, filmmaker, day dreamer and company director at video agency Commoner.